Weird Things Your Girlfriend Does To Show Her in Love

Weird Things Your Girlfriend Does To Show Her in Love

When a girl is in love, she may often do something which seems a little weird to show her feeling.

Every man who has a girlfriend must have experience one of these.

1. Gets rid of your blackheads

You’ll just be lying on the couch enjoying your evening when suddenly her fingers will pop out of nowhere as she’ll begin to squeeze out the blackheads on your forehead.

Don’t take this for granted. She loves you and she wants to make sure her man looks mighty fine when you walk out in public.

2. Stares at you

It can be stealthy. Or, it can be completely obvious without any regards if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

It’s weird but it’s a beautiful thing. All she wants is to make sure that her man looks good by her side.

3. Squeezes lotion in your hand

You’ll be in the car and she’ll say something like, “open your hands,” only to squeeze her lotion on your palms.

Squeezing lotion in your hands is a subtle thing she’ll do to warm you up for an upcoming bedroom night of fun.

How can this not be love?

4. Plays with your p***s as it shrinks

You’re finished and then out of nowhere she’ll start playing with “it.”

This is usually followed with laughter and wonderment.

Love is your girlfriend making sure that your instrument is in its best condition for future use!

5. Replaces your shampoo with “girl” shampoo

One day you’ll walk into your shower to realize that your shampoo is replaced with some Coconut Strong Healthy Hair Shampoo!

Love is your girlfriend doing all she can to make sure you have strong healthy hair to play with and to pull when staring at you in bed.

6. Squeezes and smacks your butt in public

Women love the feeling of a great firm butt that they can squeeze throughout the day.

You’ll be walking in the street or even with your friends when suddenly SMACK! SQUEEZE! PINCH!

7. Puts her feet on your dashboard

There’s nothing like your girlfriend taking off her shoes to put her cute little feet on top of the dashboard of your car.

Yes, sometimes they can smell. But, you have to understand that she does this because she’s quietly telling you that she’s comfortable with you.

Greet it with a smile!

8. Steps on your back

Walking on your back will crack all your pesky stressful knots you’ve accrued throughout the week.

It’ll be painful at first but as time goes by you’ll see it as nice relaxer after a long stressful day.

Anyway, this is a big trust factor and allowing her to step on your back will show her that you also trust and love her unconditionally.

9. Gets you snacks you’ve never heard of

You’ll open your refrigerator, suitcase, pantry, or even your glove compartment to find some sort of trail mix you’ve never heard of!

You’ll begin to question your body image: Are you fat? Are you too skinny? Are you lacking nutrition? Does she think you have high blood pressure?

Regardless of the case, you’ll never go hungry and it shows that she wants you to live a long and healthy life.

10. Buys you pillows for your bed

Every woman has their own aesthetically geometrical shaped way of structuring her pillows on your bed.

It creates a special bond that only you and her can appreciate for yourselves. It’s actually quite beautiful if you think about it.

It’s love!