You Thought You Knew How To Picnic Until You Read These 26 Perfect Picnic Ideas

You Thought You Knew How To Picnic Until You Read These 26 Perfect Picnic Ideas

If you’ve been longing to get out into the sun and enjoy a meal, these picnic hacks will make it so much easier.

1. Bake miniature versions of popular pies.

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2. Slice and stack a platter full of your favorite fruits.

3. Empty out the center of a strawberry and fill it with chocolate.

4. Create some DIY paper baskets for your picnic.

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5. Use oranges for fresh Jello shots.

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6. Pre-package spices that will complement your meal.

7. Use tricks to keep insects away from your food.

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8. Use soda holders to prevent spills.

9. Build a picnic box for days when you’re stuck indoors.

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10. Fill a hollowed out watermelon with flowers for a simple centerpiece.

11. Throw together some funky sandwich kabobs.

12. Use aluminum foil to wrap and grill your food.

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13. Throw some lemon slices with the water in your ice cube trays.

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14. Make Jello pudding pops for adults.

Tutorial via Brit + Co.

15. Use a cup as container for a chopped salad.

16. Create cute labels for all your soup containers.

17. Place a shower curtain under your picnic blanket to keep it clean.

18. Pack yourself some celery with peanut butter or other dips.

19. Four steps to cutting the perfect watermelon sticks.

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20. Design and build outdoor activities like a cornhole board.

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21. Use clothing pins to attach utensils to your food.

22. Tie your sandwiches closed to keep them from falling apart.

23. Use picnic wine holders to prevent spills.

24. Create miniature caramel apple lollipops.

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25. Tie your hotdog buns closed to keep them from separating.

26. Use frozen water balloons to keep your drinks cold.

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