I love cat feets, don’t you? I love their adorable tiny toe beans and the little tufts of fur that poke out between each toe. Unfortunately for me, most cats aren’t a big fan of having their feet touched, so I rarely get to enjoy squeezing their little paws without also getting a dirty look or an indignant hiss in return.

However, this cool cat from Malaysia is totally chill with having his owner mess around with his paws – in fact, he’s a pro at balancing a wide variety of stuff on his back feet! Check out this gallery showcasing his unusual skills.

These pictures were uploaded by Kitty’s Malaysian owner to the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. While some of these items look so precariously balanced we’d swear photoshop was involved somewhere, apparently Kitty’s balancing skills are 100% real! Well, that or he’s just super lazy and never moves.

Let’s see what he can do…

▼ He’s the ideal cooking companion with toes so nimble you never have to worry about breaking any eggs!

▼ Hey Kitty, hold my beer for a sec, willya?

▼ Kitty contemplates the true meaning of the tiny replica gas canister his owner’s perched on his toes.

▼ If the fuse trips, Kitty’s got you covered – he’ll light the way to the fuse box with his toe-candle technique!

▼ Who needs a storage box for toys when you’ve got Kitty’s toes?

▼ Kitty can even join in on those late-night poker sessions. We’d love to see his shuffling skills.

▼ Playing a game of badminton and need someone to hold your spare shuttlecocks? Kitty’s your man!

▼ Kitty’s also the perfect watchcat – if any burglars come sneaking into the house, he can scare ’em off with this plastic gun. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get itchy trigger toes…

While balancing stuff on cats is something that’s already been done, we’ve never met a cat with Kitty’s unique toe-balancing skills before. Is it something Kitty was born knowing how to do, or did it take hours of careful toe-training? We’ll probably never know!

Via: Vision Times
Images: Weibo